About School

The School is functioning for the benefits of children with the value based quality education.

Aim and Objectives of the Schools are:

> To create better understanding between parents and teachers and harmonious relationship between the school and the community.

> To work for the improvement of the school with the united efforts of parents, teachers and school authorities.

> To work to create better homes with help of teachers and parents.

> To provide various opportunities to parents and teachers to meet on equal footing and discuss problems of their children.

> Create better mutual understanding between parents and teachers.

> To help the parents to understand the school program by arranging open days at school when parents can visit the school and observe their children at work.

> To promote the welfare of children, the school and the community.

> To create the necessary consciousness among parents to stimulate their interest in their children and the school.

> It is purely educational.

> To arrange frequent general meetings where parents teachers consultation are possible in a group as well as individually.